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#1. Weight for it...

Your teams total weight will be taken on day 1 and then again on day 30.

Receive 1 point for every pound lost. 

The sum of 9 body measurements will be taken from each member on day 1 and again on day 30.

Receive 1 point per centimeter lost.

Since this is a team effort we are counting the cumulative number of pushups. Caution, someone on the team must always be doing a pushup. As soon as nobody is doing a push up, we stop counting.

Receive 1 point per push up.

Keep your kettlebell off the floor and don’t stop squatting! Each teammate will take a turn to do as many squats as possible with only one try. As soon as he/she takes a break, their turn is over. Squats will only count if they are identical to the pictures. Depth will be strongly enforced.

Teammate #1 = 35 lbs kettlebell squats

Teammate #2 = 50 lbs Kettlebell squats

Teammate #3 = 70 lbs Kettlebell squats.

Receive 1 point per squat.

Your team will take turns rowing 500 meters on the rower with the goal of 3,000 meters total.

Receive 1 point for every second under 16 minutes 

Work your abs while playing a game of catch. 2 teammates at a time will do alternating ab-mat sit ups while throwing an 8 lb ball to each other. Rotate in a player any time.

Receive 1 point for every back and forth toss within 6 minutes.

2 players start in a plank while the third is in a wall sit. Players may switch between plank and wall sit but only 1 person may move at a time and there must always be 2 people planking.

Receive 3 point for every 10 seconds.

You all knew it was going to happen. Max burpees without a push up in 6 minutes.

Receive 1 point per burpee.

Take turns on the pull up bar with the green band. Your team only gets 1 band and 10 minutes.

Receive 1 point per pull up.

Don’t fumble! If the jump rope stops its time to pass it to a teammate. Each team gets 10 passes total.

Receive 1 point per 10 seconds.

10 Pushups – 10 Air squats – 10 Sit-ups. Teammates must start each round together. Max rounds in 10 min.

Receive 1 point pp per round. 

With a running timer, start with 2 walking lunges. At the start of every minute add 2 additional lunges. Time stops when you can not finish lunges within 60 seconds – or your legs stop working for you.

Receive 3 point per minute.  

Squat with an 8 lb (women) 15 lb (men) ball and throw it to the orange line on the wall. 10 pp then switch teammates. Max time 15 minutes.

Receive 1 point per set of 10.

Max rounds within 10 minutes. 5x hanging knee raises – 10 v ups - 20 bicycles.

Receive 2 point per round. 

Max barbell squats with half your body weight.

Receive 1 point per squat

1 person walks around the Fresh building with 20lb (women) – 40lb (men) dumbbells while the other 2 do 20 wall step ups. Max rounds in 30 minutes.

Receive 2 points per round. 

Hang from the bar as long as you can.

Receive 1 point per 5 sec pp.

Move 9 kettlebells (1 at a time) from one side of the gym to the other. Add 5 squat jumps every time you put down a KB. 1 person must move all 9 before the next person starts.

Receive 1 point per 5 seconds under 7 min 30 sec.

2 at a time starting at the top of a push up. High 5 your partner with alternating hands. Switch out your 3rd partner as needed but 1 person must be in high plank at all times. (timer will pause during switch)

Receive 1 point per every 10 seconds. 

10 x Burpee pushup – 10x Sit up – 10x ball slam . Repeat as many times as you can without a break. No time linit

Receive 1 point per round.

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