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10x 55 minute Personal Training ($45 per session) = $450

20x 55 minute Personal Training ($40 per session) = $800

40x 55 minute Personal Training ($35 per session) = $1,400


          We're adding some new faces to our FRESH team. Our new trainers have been working closely with Rob to perfect their personal training skills and are now ready to conduct quality and safe workouts that will be approved by a head trainer in advance.


          Our Trainers in Training are passionate and dedicated, but still have some room to grow in this field. This is why we decided to offer sessions at a discounted rate. As our trainers complete the training program, future purchases will be at our current higher rates. 

          Our 55 minute Trainer in training sessions are available in packs of 10, 20, and 40. These sessions must be used with our Trainers in Training. Packages expire 1 year from purchase however, the value of any remaining sessions may be used towards other services.